Gauntlet (2014, on Steam)

If you used to play Gauntlet when you were a kid, I highly recommend you try Gauntlet (2014, on steam). I'm gonna try to put up a review for it. Here's a gameplay I took of a random level. 



Mario Kart Playlists

I'm actually working on a Mario Kart 8 review. I love this game so much and I'll explain why it is my favorite Mario Kart in the series. My YouTube playlist update automatically when I upload a new Mario Kart best moments. enjoy!


Smash 3ds Madness

I convinced my friends at my workplace to buy smash brothers for 3ds and we recently got a lot of fun. Funny frustration and moment like this one (Miiverse post) make memories and fortify our bond with each other.

It's also fun to Falcon Punch some democracy in the gang. #SuckItPurpleMario